About Us

Tekha Group:

Tekha founded Tekha Group shortly after he lost weight and saw how it had changed his life for the better in so many ways. Because he knew firsthand how difficult everyday life could be for a severely obese person, he set out to help others fight and win their battles with obesity. He did this by joining forces with other professionals — who like him — wanted to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles. Tekha Group began sponsoring seminars, clinics, workshops, athletic competitions and producing videos to motivate people to replace their bad habits with good habits. He soon realized that his mantra “Dream, Believe, Achieve” really applies to everyone with a goal – whether it is weight loss, quitting smoking, becoming a better athlete or something else. Thus, Tekha Group evolved into an organization promoting healthy physical, mental and emotional lifestyles. As Tekha travels the world as the group’s primary motivational speaker, he bravely uses his own story of pain and anguish and his transformation into a better self to help others realize their dreams.

A book About Tekha’s life:

Stay tuned for more details about a book being written about Tekha’s life by a well-known American author.