Bridging cultural gaps through healthy lifestyle programs all over the world.


  • Omar Assar

    Tekha is a brilliant young businessman, who will definitely surprise you with his genuine desire to participate and work in a team. he is one of those who like to take initiatives rather than wait for directions.

  • Coach Easu Abdeladl

    This group is phenomenal for the youth of the world. We often forget how important it is to have health awareness, self awareness and just the mere fact of believing in yourself. I personally want to thank Tehka group for guiding the youth and inspiring them to be great.

  • Dr Ismail Mohammed

    Tekha Group is an amazing organization that is really trying to find solutions to solve world health problems. I love them

  • Coach Tariq Selim

    Tekha has always been himself in a world that is constantly trying to make him something else.